A Job Well Done. By You

KCNR, LLC brings you the latest on commercial construction

A Job Well Done. By You.

KCNR, LLC brings you the latest on commercial construction

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Our job is to help make sure you have the accurate information you need!

When KCNR subscribers have the information they need, the rest falls into place: accurate construction bids are placed based on verified data and the company best suited for the project wins. Construction projects are completed in a more efficient manner by teams with the tools and resources to do them well. It all starts with information.

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Our goal has always been

  • To take care of our Subscribers
  • Respect
  • To verify all information
  • Provide accurate and updated information
  • Be a trustworthy firm for all
  • Provide a Physical Plan Room, and OnLine Plan Room, and Accessibility for our Subscribers

Rely on us to provide consistent and reliable information for construction projects throughout Kansas. Our commercial construction bulletin’s priority is to be accurate and to provide timely information.

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