Information Powers Construction Sites


We Are On Mission

Before the cranes are unleashed, before the dump trucks move their loads, and before the excavators shape the land, a team must be chosen to do the work.

Construction companies bid on the project, but to do so, they first seek information. That's where we come in. KCNR provides accurate and timely information on construction projects out for bid in Kansas. Helping the right team get the information they need to do their jobs well.


Helpful Hands

We do more than put information out there for you to collect. If you need help with searching out a job,

contact us and we'll follow up for you.

How We Can Help?


Imagine It's 1980 MISSION

We'll set the scene. Gas cost $1.29 per gallon, Ronald Reagan was elected president, and the Pittsburg Steelers won the Superbowl. The Rubik's Cube was changing the way people spent their time, and Post-It Notes were making that time much more effective. And in October of the same year, KCNR opened its doors for the very first time.

Two passionate people with experience in construction news service decided to venture out and do something new. With the support of others in the industry, they worked to provide a new commercial construction bulletin business covering the state of Kansas. Their business would include a plan room, and would be unaffiliated with any other service.

Our Goal Has Always Been VISION

Our Goal Has Always Been

  • To take care of our Subscribers
  • Respect
  • To verify all information
  • Provide accurate and updated information
  • Be a trustworthy firm for all
  • Provide a Physical Plan Room, and OnLine Plan Room, and Accessibility for our Subscribers



Design & Discovery

From the idea to putting together a team.



Permitting, inspections and planning.


Procurement & Funding

Gearing up with materials & funding.


Construction Development

Complete management and development.


Post Construction

Inspections and overall commercial management.

Transition To The Now

Over the years, several things have changed. Laura Robben, one of the original partners, bought out her partner in 2013 and changed the business name to: KCNR, LLC. All of us at KCNR, LLC love what we do - we listen and we laugh - and we appreciate our sources and our subscribers so much.

As our story continues, so does our mission to provide the most up to date and reliable information on local construction projects throughout the state of Kansas.